The Picture of the Son in Battle

The Picture of the Son in Battle

By Fada Henry Charles Umelechi

There was one family with two sons and a Father. They never knew their mother. The Father was a perfect Creator of Arts and with help of the two sons he redeems these works of arts by selling them in the market. These works of arts became so precious that the family made fortune out of them and so they became very wealthy.

One of the sons use to polish some of these works of arts before they are sold into the market and whenever someone needed to refurbish these works of the father, the works of art, he does it perfectly as the father would have wanted.

Between the father and the two sons, were such a perfect harmony that the two sons does perfect all that the Father does and so, the family fortune crew geometrically. Later, one of the sons died and it remained one.

However, war broke out and the remaining son went to redeem the country. This son, fought the battle with so much love of the father and the other son in his mind as if he was saying “let me protect my father’s country and the land of my brother.

With this love, he rescued many soldiers but it was on this mission that he was hit by a bullet while he was rescuing one of the soldiers. The wounded soldier was saved but the son died instantly having been struck at the heart.

The wounded soldier, on returning to the homeland, went to the father of the son with a portrait of art. He told the father that he never knew him, but he had come to know him from the son who saved him because, the son always talked about him and how they shared so much love with the father. Of all the 100 things the son said, he quoted that the son mentioned the father 99 times.

The Father cried for the son. He took the portrait of art given to him by the soldier, on which was drawn the “Son in a Battle” and hung it on the wall.

Later, the father died too.

Having been a family known for great works of arts, the people gathered to auction their many works of art remaining.

When the auction began, the portrait of the Son inn Battle was the first to be brought forth, but everywhere became quiet. Nobody wanted to be reminded of the ugly incident of the war, yet it was the war that saved their country.

The people asked the auctioneer to remove the painting of the Son in Battle and move for other paintings but the auctioneer said no insistently. As the people were loosing patience, one man, the gardener of the deceased family said, ₦500! Others without hesitation unanimously agreed that it should be given to him even after the persuasion of the auctioneer for a follow up like ₦1000, ₦5000 and above.

So, going going gone! ₦500 sold. The painting of the Son in Battle was given to the man, the gardener.

Now, everyone was settled for the main bidding on the multi million dollar paintings to begin. To this, the auctioneer said, “the bidding has ended.”

Everyone was shocked…”what do you mean,” they said.

The auctioneer now opened the Will of the father and read the secret stipulation that said “whoever buys the painting of my “Son in Battle” gets and inherits the whole of the family’s paintings and other properties.

For God sent his Son into the world so that through him the world might be saved. God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not be lost but may have eternal life.

GOD THE FATHER may be likened to the father who shared so much love with the sons with so much perfection.

JESUS ON THE CROSS is akin to the painting of the Son in Battle such that whoever accepts him, accepts both the Father and the other brother (the Holy Spirit). Whoever accepts the Son, accepts and inherits the family’s wealth.

THE HOLY SPIRIT may also be likened to the auctioneer who maintains and executes the will of the father as his own because there are no separation, but faithfulness.

THE FAMILY IS THE TRINITY. The family cannot be separated. The inheritance is love, peace, mercy, graciousness, faithfulness, fellowship of the spirit,etc and salvation from here to the next life.

Everything that belongs to the son belongs to the family; father and Holy Spirit.

ALWAYS make the sign of the cross reverently and consciously and thus, renew your acceptance of Jesus’ Cross and invoke the Trinity.

In case you need and love the Holy Spirit but reject the Cross of Christ, it’s up to you now. Remember, He is always faithful.

#Caveat: Don’t hold so much literally on the terms, and configurations of the article, look into the message. In the message lies the meaning and truth.

Truth Series.

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