Okwulora vs. Ibom Air; This is not an Igbo case but Nigerians’ and Humans’ (all)

Okwulora vs. Ibom Air; This is not an Igbo case but Nigerians’ and Humans’ (all)

This is Nigerians case; the case of all and not the case of one. Nigerian, because the company nd the victim are first of Nigeria. This is an opportunity to get it right with regards to public service and to put how to serve the public in the right perspective.

Okwuluora Ndi Igbo, whose real name is
Emmanuel Onyeka Okoh, is a prominent
broadcaster, OAP, rhetorician, activist, public speaker, soccer analyst, and historian. He is the founder of the Good Man Youth Network and hails from Nkanu in Enugu State, Nigeria.

This case must help well meaning companies to respect the agreement between their customers or clients, considering the underlying law of contract surrounding public services.

However, if Ibom Air is serious and interested with their integrity and public service, they should clear the air of the lingering saga between them and their customer.

Ibom Air
One of the Passenger Airplanes of Ibom Air

If they are in the wrong, they should apologize to him with compensations and assure the public of better services.

If they are in the right, they should also show it in proper perspective by saying that it was this or that…

The reason is that you, Ibom Air serves the public and such a thing could trigger public fear and affect patronage because who knows the next victim, it could be you reading this, your relations, workmates, a non-Nigerian etc… that’s how the public thinks. The public thinks by ASSOCIATION. That’s even more reason it concerns humanity.

Your wealth as a company comes from your customers.

Lastly, to the public:

One question we must ask ourselves is this: “Assuming that what Okwulora narrated was the truth which I am not here to contest, was he treated that way because he was Igbo, or because he found himself in their plane as their customer?

To me, it was the later because Okwulora never said he was treated badly because he is Igbo.

Therefore, what happened to Okwulora may happen to anyone whether Nigerian or not with regards to Ibom Air. So, all well meaning Nigerians and non-Nigerians should see this saga in the proper perspective; neither tribal but in the Nigerian and generally human perspective.

So, Igbos and non Igbos are free to react but the reactions must consider “why did this happen?” if incidences such as this must be corrected properly.

Fada Henry Charles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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