Daily Archives: August 9, 2023

By Charles Igwe In a profound testimony of faith, Jimena, a 16-year-old Spanish World Youth Day pilgrim, shares her miraculous experience of regaining her sight after receiving the Eucharist at Fátima, Portugal, during a Mass there.   This remarkable account has stirred emotions and ignited hope among those who participated in the World Youth Day events, which united over a million young individuals in the Portuguese capital last week.   Hailing from Madrid, Jimena embarked on the pilgrimage to Lisbon as part of a group from Opus Dei. In the days leading up to the miraculous event, friends and family organized a novena, praying to Our Lady of the Snows, whose feast day coincided with August 5 – the very day Jimena’s sight was restored.   For two and a half years, Jimena had grappled with a severe loss of vision due to myopia, leaving her with a 95% visual…

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