PEPT Judgement: Has God forsaken Nigeria?

PEPT Judgement: Has God forsaken Nigeria?

PEPT Judgement: Has God forsaken Nigeria?

Someone would ask, “where is God in this whole judicial saga? How would you convince the ordinary faithful that God is still there? How would you give them hope?

It’s a big lie to tell Christian faithfuls and Nigerians who feels dejected in great despair that there’s hope for Nigeria and that God is still answering prayers without telling them how?

We call on God day and night but God has long since arrived and we kept Him at the door ; we are afraid of individual change but want the presidency to change. The individual makes the presidency. So, anybody who wants to give Nigerians hope by words must tell them the truth, and the truth is that the problem of Nigeria is in all of us Nigerians and not only the presidency. That all of us includes the members of National Assembly, the Governors, the State Assembly Members, security services, the Church etc.

Moreover, there’s never a history of progress and liberation without the involvement of the people, even if there’s a divine intervention biblically speaking, there’s an coherence whereby mankind works with God and God uses people; God never forces progress on people.

However, the Nigerian case is whereby “people want to use God” instead of God using people. And so, we work alone. How?

The person who would ask, “where is God…?,” should first ask himself or herself, where he/she is? Where are you that God hasn’t used you to liberate your own environment? The simple answer is that he or she goes to the Mosque or Church, etc to pray and ask God’s/Allah’s grace and help, and God/Allah answers by bringing opportunity but that opportunity is squandered on the altar of the daughter, selfishness and the son, greediness begotten by their mother, corruption. What would God do? He only continues bringing more opportunities. Those opportunities come everyday to us individually and we use them to become more corrupt, yet return back to the Church, Mosque , etc to ask God/Allah why and still go back in corruption to sleep. We want God/Allah to do our bidding by giving us grace to succeed in corruption. But God/Allah is Holy (Isaiah 6:3;1 Peter 1:16; Surah 5:24 ), we can’t use Him.

If so then, why would God not save Nigeria through one person at least who is less corrupt?

God would not save us without us, because we shall still be the same people to bring down the person, for example:

How much do you we in aggregate contribute to our education system individually and collectively if not a thanksgiving of malpractices and we produce children who continue the same practice with celebration in various levels of the society. The same people manufacture sophisticated corruption as the society becomes more sophisticated.The ones who are different they(we) hate and keep away from the public offices at a any cost. Yet, we ask , “God where are you?”, looking prayerfully at Aso Rock forgetting that those in the Aso Rock are the celebrations of our thanksgiving of malpractices sown in many years past.

The myopic would still ask, “why wouldn’t the leaders in Aso Rock change?”, because he or she doesn’t see any connection with the past, present and future.

The only solution to Nigeria now is to change collectively and individually our attitudes starting from our children who are growing up, because irrespective of the volumes of our prayers, God would only give us opportunities and we shall always squander it collectively and individually through our habitual corruption practices that we haven’t changed.

Even if we call down God, we shall by ourselves kill God because He would only give us opportunities and He would never spare us His love by showing us the way and the truth which shall scold us. Thus shall merit His expulsion or death. Is God ready to die again? He had died once, the second won’t make any sense.

The Nigeria that you need in the next many years, begin now to plot for it, for God who created us without our help will not save us without our consent (Saint Augustine).

© Fada Henry Charles Umelechi , September 6, 2023.

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