Why I don’t fan any football club: BP

Why I don’t fan any football club: BP

Why I don’t fan any football club: BP

By Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi

Football patronage goes with a lot of passion but many of us have always thought that they could handle the passion. Some actually handle it on their own but due to age and sickness, the passion overwhelms them.

I was a strong fan of Manchester United before, but when I found out how passionately intoxicating and overwhelming it became for me such that sometimes I couldn’t eat or pray whenever Manchester United looses, I totally distanced myself from fanning any football club.


I asked myself:

“If I get high blood pressure, and other related injuries physical and psychological because of this, who would pay me for that and who would I blame? Nobody ”

The individuals footballers on the peach even enjoy the game more than us and recreate themselves too and get paid for the enjoyment, recreation and entertainment.

Yes, football is a sports but they were meant to entertain us the viewers. So, why should I harm myself instead of entertaining myself? ”

It was after this introspective reflection that I decided to enjoy the game without attaching myself to any particular football. Thus, it has been a fantastic, joyful and entertaining experience.

But, when it comes to one’s country, how would you avoid the flaming and passionate patronage. In fact, the news of how people died while watching the AFCON 2024, reminded me of what I left behind.

From the Punchnews of February 8, 2024:

“The former member of the House of Representatives who represented the Ika Federal Constituency of Delta State, Dr Cairo Ojougboh, is dead.

The politician, who was a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, was said to have passed away on Wednesday evening while watching the AFCON semi-finals match between Nigeria and South Africa.”

A source close to the politician said, “Cairo Ojougboh, a medical doctor died during the Nigeria vs.South Africa match.”

“The incident happened when the penalty was awarded against Nigeria. Dr Ojougboh was said to have shouted and slumped due to massive heart attack when SA scored.”

From the Vanguard News of February 8, 2024:

“Anambra-born billionaire Chief Osondu Nwoye has reportedly passed away while watching the Super Eagles play against the South African national team.”

Nwoye was said to be the wealthiest Igbo businessman based in Ivory Coast before his death.”

Reports suggest that Nwosu was ecstatic and shouting loudly when Nigerian striker Victor Osihmen scored the second goal. Unfortunately, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) later cancelled the goal.”

It was alleged that the shock of seeing the goal cancelled and a penalty awarded to South Africa was too much to bear for his fragile heart, leading to his collapse inside the stadium.”

Nevertheless, someone said that he went and hid himself when the penalty between Nigeria and South Africa was going on at the semifinals, in order to avoid such a negative damaging outcome on himself. Some also say that without the patronage, they don’t enjoy the game. But, my advice to all football lovers is that you should tell yourself the truth always because if you are gone suddenly, you are gone. Sudden death brings a lot of confusion and pain in the family. Know when to withdraw yourself. This is not defined by age alone but by evident circumstances.

For I, and myself, I have decided never to give myself away to any football club, because I found out that the joy of the game is taking it for what it was meant to be; entertainment and not war.

Let’s enjoy the game please!!!

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