Can a woman wear trouser to the church?

This question is different from should “a woman in the Southeast wear a pair of trouser to the church?” Therefore, this is a universal question which includes a woman in: Nigeria, Ghana, London, USA , China, Russia, Australia,etc.

In the previous two articles, I have explained thoroughly the context and background to Deut 22: 5 which is beyond trouser, and I did put forth a verifiable history which shows that trouser is traditionally a cloth meant for men and women, in the culture from where it originated.

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If it’s not a sin for a woman to wear a decent trouser, what then prevents a woman from wearing the same decent trouser to the church?

Nevertheless, in certain part of the countries in Africa (for example), women who try to wear decent trousers to the church are still frowned at generally and the church authorities are generally silent on it. This is because the faith is not yet a matured but young, not yet a strong but weak, considering the local church. They are only being careful in the admonitions of St. Paul:

“But not everyone possesses this knowledge and so, one must be careful, however, that the exercise of one’s rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak. So this weak brother or sister, for whom Christ died, is destroyed by your knowledge”(1 Cor 8: 3-9).

So, in a situation or in an area where there are more ignorant and but sincerely faithful christians, one should never think that it’s an easy task because they are struggling to protect their faith in their own understanding. They can only come out of that if they begin to be taught gradually by their teachers of faith, get exposed or mix with knowledgeable others of the same deep faith.

By the way, one can still remember, if possible, that there was a time that certain part of the church in Nigeria does not use local and traditional music instruments in their churches. Now, it’s a normal thing; we can learn from it.

This is in line with the saying of St. Augustine that “Eclessia Semper Reformanda Est,” the Church always reforms herself. The Second Vatican Council (Lumen Gentium) reaffirmed this when it deposited that the church is “…always in need of being purified, always follows the way of penance and renewal.” So, it is a gradual process.

However, there is always this fear of abuse, whereby if allowed, women will start wearing the abomination of terribly indecent trousers to the church. To this, we are to be reminded that even skirts, blouses, gowns are still being abused, indecently in our churches. Have we stopped them from wearing the good ones? No.

What did we do?

We have tried to conscientise them, regulate the wearing of indecent skirts, blouse, gowns, etc; to curtail indecent dressing. Why can’t we apply the same to trouser?

This will enable our Christians down here not to feel that we have been fooling them whenever they travel to another country or area, where trouser is allowed.

Withal, the decisions of a local church concerning the modes of dressing are to be respected and the local church authorities ought to gradually and sincerely make efforts to enlighten her people to become better.

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