It’s not a sin for a woman to wear trouser.

It’s not a sin for a woman to wear trouser.

Sin is that which hurts our relationship with God or hurts our relationship with fellow human or both. Why then is it that when a man wears trouser it is not a sin but if a woman wears trouser it becomes a sin?

Now, your mind rushes to Deut 22:5 and you even want to type it. Your andrenaline is running high and you are even wondering what kind of priest I am.

Sorry, my nickname is Fr. Truth Series. because I have vowed to say the truth no matter what because I believe that the truth shall set us all free.

Where then is the truth in this matter?

Deut 22:5 was only a part of instructions/warnings given to the Israelites against the ways of the canaanites, before they had to possess the land of Canaan.


The Canaanites were worshipping other gods unlike the God of Israelites, of Isaac and Jacob( Exod 3:6). God was warning them against one of the idolatrous and uncensored sexual practices of the pagan nation, whereby in worshipping their gods, some men and women cross dress, such that you don’t know who is who? This is transvestism (Deut 22:5).

Why are they cross dressing at worship?

Just like in Catholic Church and other church communities, where there are priests, consecrated religious men and women, also there are canaanite men and women who are consecrated to the canaanite gods.

However, these men and women consecrated to the canaanite gods have brothels built for them around the temples and people visit them and have sexual relations with them inorder to unite with these gods, renew their lives and thereby increase their vital forces. These consecrated canaanites are called temple prostitutes.

Moreover, this is why Deut 23: 18 says, “There must be no sacred prostitute among the women of Israel, and no sacred prostitute among the men of Israel”

Now, some of these temple prostitutes who are men, dress like women in clothing , ornamentations, etc in order to get sexual patronage. Meanwhile, the worshippers only care about the union with their gods through them, renewing their lives and increasing their vital forces. So, a man may sleep with a man; a woman may sleep with a woman and vice versa, thus homosexuality, heterosexual relations, etc. This is also against Lev 18:22: “You will not have intercourse with a man as you would with a woman.”

Thus, Deut 22:5 came about as a warning against the Idolatry of canaanites and not against women wearing trouser. Simply, the Israelites should avoid the culture of worship of the the canaanites because it brings a lot of sinfulness: Idolatry, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism etc.

We should remember that trouser was not in existence when these instructions of Deut 22:5 were given. So, why pin on trouser? Trouser is only worn sinfully when it’s worn in a indecent way, for example, seductively just like any other cloth.

Now, you then ask, “Does trouser belong to men or to women, traditionally?

Stay tuned for the next episode @Origin: Trouser belongs to men and women

Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi (Fr. Truth Series), 2024.

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