Origin: Trouser belongs to men and women

As we have seen in the previous episode, that Deut 22:5 wasn’t actually condemning trouser on women but certain idolatrous behaviors like cross dressing, now how can we know that trouser belongs to men and women if we don’t go back to the origin of trouser; if we don’t know the reason why trouser was invented.

Let’s go to the root.

In 2014, a study published in the ”Journal Quaternary International,’ discovered that the earliest known examples of trousers was in western China, dating back to around 3,000 to 3,300 BC” before you knew the Bible.

Moreover, “archaeologists say that these trousers were INVENTED FOR HORSE RIDING, as they provide PROTECTION while allowing the rider FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT,” without any interest in fashion.

However, “it is worth noting that while trousers were predominantly a male garment in many cultures, women also wore trousers in certain societies, particularly those where horse riding was common for both genders.”

Infact, “the use of trousers began to spread with the advent of horseback riding and the strategic advantage it provided for warfare.” After the spread, fashion took over trouser and began to regulate it as we have today in various forms in the society whether positive or negative.

Now, the above shows that wearing of trouser was a borrowed culture in many societies and climes and that women also wore trousers in the culture from where it was borrowed, for:

a. Horse-riding,

b. Warfare,

c. Protection,

d. Flexibility and,

e. Freedom of movement.

So, no holy and reasonable person interested in decency should tell a female soldier to wear skirt to warfronts, or can such not understand how trouser offers women protection, flexibility and freedom of movement even in such insecured society, like ours. Trouser offers shield from cold.

Meanwhile, certain works, jobs or professions must be done on trousers if one must engage in them. You can’t tell a female civil engineer, police, and other paramilitaries, etc to be wearing skirts ALWAYS, when sometimes they have to run which may warrant holding their skirts up to their laps and sometimes instinctually upto the groin, which in effect is indecent. Or should they now not engage in such professions because they are women and avoiding trouser?

What it entails is that any culture that should borrow the use of trouser should understand the reason why trouser was invented, otherwise causes ignorance in its application which often leads to extreme rigidity, uninformed and inconsiderate religiosity.

And akin to how every reasonable person who means well says to others “dress well,” this what also applies to men and women while wearing trouser; “dress well.”

What is most important in dressing is modesty and decency, for those who still value their dignity.

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©Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi, 2024

Truth Series.

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