The Glories of the Devil

The Glories of the Devil

Happy New Year to you dear friend.

I chose to tell you happy new year first instead of putting it at the last to remind you that it’s new year.

However, there’s nothing new about this new year irrespective of the prayers, crossover nights and best wishes you have enmeshed yourself into if you don’t first tell yourself the truth by changing your perspective.

First perspective majority of us has to change is the “blaming of the devil,” in everything.

In your crossover nights, I know you must have heard something like: “ijugo ekwensu….” “Have you rejected the devil”, and other similar prayers that cast and bind the devil in every ramifications.

The prayers are not inappropriate if we really understand that we are the seen devil. The prayers are calls to you to live up to who you are: a Christian, a child of God.

But what happens?

We directly and indirectly always blame the devil.

Directly, we easily say: it’s the hardwork of the devil whenever we make mistakes. It implies that it’s the devil that will correct the errors and not us.

This is so because we see ourselves not making any effort to correct and prevent the repetition of such errors. We easily resort only to prayers without putting serious positive efforts.

Indirectly, we always and easily believe more in the power of the devil. Yet, we are Christians.

You may say no to this but why do you always believe that your (VP) village people (if there’s something like that) shall harm you when you get home to Christmas and probably when you want to go back. And so, you begin to fear. And do many funny things.

Is your baptism in vain?

Why do you believe that someone out there has planted a devilish charm for you and that charm shall smite you?

Is your authority as a child of God in vain?

We conjure up the devil more in our lives and minds than we sincerely do good things and pray honestly to God.

We leave so much in fear of the devil than in latria and reverence to God. And it shows forth in our actions.

These are the glories of the devil. And the glory comes from us.

Why do you glorify the devil more than God? Yet, you were baptized in Christ Jesus whom all powers in heaven, on earth, and on under the earth belongs to.
That’s why we celebrated “Christ the king.”

By baptism, you were adopted in a special way in Christ Jesus such that you became heir(ess) to the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is of boundless boundaries: physically and spiritually, of this world and not of this world(the eternal).

That means that you are a prince or a princess of God’s throne(Gal 4:4-7).

What kind of princes or princess actually live in denial of the powers of his or her Kingdom?

It’s by this right as child of God that you operate boldly on earth and spiritually too.

If this is what you are, why do you choose to become “satanians”, always in direct or indirect praise of the devil?

Child of God, if you want to live meaningfully this year 2022, unless you accept, become and act in accordance with what you are, no amount of crossovers, Virgils, prophecies shall make you better.

And better put, you have not crossed over.

You were only scratching the surface of the cross-line.

At least, that’s my happy new year for you!!!

Stay tuned as we delve into “crossover.”

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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