The Power of the Sacramentals.

“The Power of the Blessed Church items(crucifix, candles, olive oils, “holy” pictures,etc); sacramentals, solves problems.”


I have to shock you by telling you that the above statement is a hoax; a sweat lie.

It’s a misguided and careless statement from whomever it comes from.

The intention of the above statement differs:

Some to amass money, some to bring others into their ministry, some to make themselves popular, some to push their “holy” products into the market, etc.

The truth is that, for an item to be used as sacred, and it must be blessed, and not every item can become a sacramental.

However, these blessed articles do not have or better put, posses any power of their own. They are not charms or talisman. They are only channels of God’s graces.

The source of these graces which one may get through them is God. So, without God, those articles are purely useless.

Now, that means that you can and may equally not pray with them and God still answers your prayers? Yes.

The reason is that those items are only meaningful because of two parties: God and you.

If you don’t have any relationship with God, the sacred or blessed items are useless to you.

The danger comes now when one replaces God with these items thinking that without them, he or she cannot make any headway. That’s why it’s important not to put emphasis on them but must always be in relation to God.

Too much emphasis on them ends up destroying ones faith in God and increases one’s faith in them.

So, anyone who tells you that you must buy any of them before God answers your prayers is only but a scammer.

These items only helps you to pray.

For instance, while looking at the crucifix, you begin to easily contemplate upon Christ who died on the cross, thereby uplifting your heart to him and communication is established.

God works through the oils in so far as you are important to him, he therefore uses them to work marvels because of you.

But God is not restricted to the oils in working miracles.

If you want, buy different versions of oils, holy pictures,etc, with stupidity and faithlessness, nothing go happen, you can’t force God.

First, try and establish a relationship with God: faith and righteousness(love).

You are more important to God than those items.

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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