2021 Waec Examination Malpractice

Senior Waec Examination

On that very day that my bossom friend visited, we went through the memory lanes with nolstagia amidst cries of laughter.

At some point, he asked me to show him around my vicinity.

As we were climbing into a particular place because we wanted to see a particular spot through a hall, I heard iron doors banged and locked by someone.

However, we knocked and as if in rhyme with the knocks, there came up frantic movements of fear that sounds like an adjustment.

When we went down and insisted authoritatively that someone should open the door, the was door opened. Lo and behold, waec examination was going on with invigilator s present and the puzzle was solved.

The puzzles:

Why the frantic movements?
Why the sudden closure of doors?
Who closed the door?

Anyway, we exuded the aura of authority;

My friend and I, being of the same mind and frequency since the schools days, started walking around the examination hall. What we found baffled us:

Android phones on students desk(they were copying from it), text books under some persons(male and female but mostly the females), girafing is just the routine,etc.

Suddenly my heart started bleeding as I saw how these students were destroyed intrinsically.


These very acts destroy these students because:

Education is meant to form human beings mentally, character wise and build up:

the capacity to creativity; the capacity to indepth thinking; the capacity to problem solving, that is, the capacity to use available data to create the unavailable data; the capacity of inititiave; the capacity of foresight; confidence, (especially after preparation and doing the needful); ability to prepare well, and kill inability, etc

That’s why examinations are not actually tests of knowledge.

But, these acts of malpractice robs the students of all these.

Consequently, in the future many of them may never believe in themselves; many shall never be accomplished because they may always look for expo in life and if not available, they give up; many of them can’t think deep beyond what is given in life; many can’t look into their mind first before looking outside; many of them may never believe in using what is giving to them but what’s not given therefore, they may always steal to survive; chaos etc.

Is Education in Nigeria really a scam? But some institutions are doing well. But what’s the average between?

Are these the future of Nigeria or any other country in the future? If yes, such a country has no future because they will kill themselves in struggling for what is outside instead of building up from what is within, because they never trusted in themselves.

I am afraid, if this is the situation everywhere or in most places in Nigeria, I see a generation that destroys itself.

Shall I still pledge to Nigeria my country?

Someday, we shall say; there was a people, there was a country.

©Fr. Henry Charles N Umelechi


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