Lessons from Chivido’s wedding

The best lesson any sensible person would learn from #Chivido’s wedding is not: to make sure you make money, nor money is good OOO, nor poverty is bad oOoOO, etc.



At each moment, cut your coat according to your size.

Your size is:

•Your immediate wealth (source of income)

•Your market value (which includes your customers/fans)

•Your character

•Your connection

•Your family


Do you know why?

Davido spent a lot of money but bet me, he may not have spent his last card on this; may be just some out of many he has. So, he spent according to his reaches(not just riches) and not according to his loans.

Davido knew the kind of personality he is; with his connections, character, family, he could afford it. So he did it! How much connections do you have: look at your family, and look at your character?

Davido knew that what would come out from the wedding can buy a village and so, he did it. That’s connection. What about your connections?

Even if he will use the money or part of the money to do charity as he normally does, it concerns him. He still did it. That’s character. How is your character?

Even if he used 50% of his fortune on the wedding, the income would outway the expenses and the next two music releases would get the money he wanted. He is certain to 90%. That’s market value. What’s your market value?

So, before you want to become Davido, go and read his history till his present day. Build yourself, build your character, build your wealth, build your connection, build your family,etc,

When the time comes, even if you weren’t able to make it like Davido, you would still cut your coat according to your size.

In simple terms:

He really did cut his coat according to his size.

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Origin: Trouser belongs to men and women

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