Re: Giovanni Battista Bugatti by Charles Awuzie

Giovanni Battista Bugatti by Charles Awuzie

“The Robe and Axe of a Christian Executioner called Giovanni Battista Bugatti whose job was to execute people on behalf of the Pope for the state of the church.

Executioner Giovanni Battista Bugatti was given a total of 516 assignments by the Pope.

The method of execution was by the axe 🪓.

When he retired, the Pope paid paid him a regular pension.

He worked in the ministry of Grace and Justice of the papal State.”


And this is my response:

Engr Chimdimma Francisca Ikechukwu there’s no big deal here just like there’s no big deal when someone is condemned to death by the Judiciary of a particular sovereign state like USA, for a particular crime, and someone has to carry out the job of the execution either by hanging, lethal injection or otherwise. Hence, Bugatti was only doing his job.

What about the Execution and the Pope?

Many of us are always surprised when history is brought to the front. Every event in history took place in a particular period which cannot be understood without considering the circumstances of those moments, otherwise one does a grave injustice to history.

The French introduced the use of the guillotine, which was continued after the Papal States regained their sovereignty (the first Papal guillotining occurred in 1816) until the last executions.

Hope you heard “regained their sovereignty?” By that fact, it means that the papal states was operating like an independent state like USA , Nigeria, Italy, France etc, with her own laws, institutions, security, etc, including a justice system where Bugatti worked.

So, if someone commits a crime punishable by death under the Papal States, the punishment takes its place. It doesn’t actually mean that the Pope was directly involved but as the Head of the State, he over sees all, and so he is mentioned.

Today, death penalty has been abolished in the Vatican which is currently the “papal State” of today. As a sovereign entity, the Vatican city has her everything: police, justice system military, finance institution, etc.

So, Charles Awuzie never brought up a wrong history, he only stated facts of history without Judgement; facts are facts. However, it’s left for us to open our minds and dig into the reason behind the executions and the connection between the Pope and the Execution which I just did.

When I say the Pope, it doesn’t mean a particular Pope but the Office of the Pope, akin to saying the Presidency. So, it’s was a system in operation then like in other sovereign states then like France.

Moreso, aside sovereignty the reasons behind the executions must also be considered and judged according to those era for proper understanding. Otherwise it sounds like comparing the people who used speed cars of today with those who drove Volkswagen Bittle of the past.

Today, improvements have been made that’s why death penalty has been abolished by Vatican, akin to how improvements have been made to better telecommunications of today.


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