Saved by His Boxers

Saved by His Boxers

A student of one of the Nigerian universities was being literally harassed by cult members and so he hired a gun, precisely a pistol to protect himself. He carries this gun like MTN ‘s everywhere you go.

On one occasion, he was traveling back home, the gun was tucked in at the back of his trousers. And so, they came to a military checking point. The soldiers opening their bus, saw drops of Indian Hemp on the bus’s floor and so the aggressive search began. They were now being asked to remove their trousers as some of the passengers were already jumping like frogs with a military command.

When it came to his own turn, his spirit was already being committed into the hands of God by him and he sees his obituary posters flickering before his eyes. As he was removing his trousers gradually, the gun tucked in at the back of his trousers started showing itself. What happened next is either a miracle or a lesson, or both for you.

When one of the soldiers saw his pure white boxers, he ordered him to stop removing his trousers and to wore it back. Then and there, he stopped seeing his obituary and was taking back his spirit from God when he was asked to stand at one side. And so he became a spectator in a game he was supposed to have been a villain. He came home and told the story.

In this world, whether you like or not you shall always be addressed as you dress, be you a doctor, priest, lawyer, engineer, trader, thief, armed robber, etc. Addressing you as you dress doesn’t only mean talking to you but it includes the manner of approach, and whatever that follows next.

When a woman or a man presents herself or himself like body parts; bre*sts, b*tt*cks, v*g*n*s, p*n*s, ch*st, the others’ body reacts so and then she/he would be approached as so, thus she/he becomes an object of gratifying the senses. Those sensitivity organs that we see, make naturally our bodies to react and then we begin to tell it by rationality to keep quiet. When she/he presents herself/himself as fully human, she/he would generally be approached as so. Women and men don’t need to seek such respect, it comes on its own by their dressing.

However, exceptions are those who are already perverted by sexually explicit materials and activities like porn photos and videos. For these, even if you wear like a nun, monk, and in priestly habit, or like an ancient priestess or priest, their mind would still do the sexual work for them. However, it all began with pornography, and etc.

….lead us and yourself not into temptation because you will not be delivered from every evil. Dress well.

© Fada Henry Charles Umelechi , September 13, 2023.

Truth Series.

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