The Voice of the People “is not” the voice of God.

Common sense is meant for common grounds and not for the uncommon ground. Uncommon ground needs uncommon sense through research, listening and education. When the uncommon sense is mastered, it becomes common and makes the uncommon ground common.Therefore, before you put your mouth in any uncommon ground, educate yourself on it. For example, you don’t apply Church Law in the Civil ambience, nor Nigerian Law in the French Polity.

Otherwise is pure arrogance and/or ignorance. And pride and her junior, ignorance block the path of knowledge irrespective of the number of people involved. Arrogance and culpable ignorance are anti-God.

Thus, the voice of the people is not always the voice of God. For instance, if a people kill or demonize an innocent baby because they think the baby is devilish for growing the upper teeth first while biologically, this is a matter of genetic variation.There’s nothing supernatural or spiritual about it. Dental experts know this and they know peace.

Now, could it be said that the people are/were correct and godly because they said and agreed that growing the first upper teeth is evil or supernatural? It only means that even when a million people are ignorant, their conclusions and decisions and consequently their actions will also be wrong and sometimes evil.

To solve this particular problem and decisions, one who wants to abide by the truth which is noble and holier should research and educate oneself before venturing into an area he or she is ignorant of. This starts by asking this holy question: WHY?

This “why” begins to open doors for listening and explanations, and if the listener is a true seeker of knowledge, he grows mature in his decisions and knowledge and acts uprightly.

Therefore, a million people could be wrong against one person that is right. Truth doesn’t rest on numbers or the mob, or the crowd.

For those of us who are lovers of protest and criticism, if you are really in the quest for the right thing, before you protest or criticize anything, begin with the question “WHY?”, study the real nature of what you are critizing and in the end, you may be the one that needs correction and criticism.

My people perish for want of knowledge. Since you yourself have rejected knowledge, so I shall reject you from my priesthood (Hosea 4:6), and by baptism, every Christian is a priest.

If in anyway, you refuse to adhere to knowledge because of arrogance, wealth, human worship, and self worship, even your own “God” will be against you no matter how much you pray, shout and protest unless you correct yourself.

N:B- This is not to pacify anyone in his or her anger or joy, but to present particular truths in their right form because the truth shall set you free.

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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