Boys/Men Should Cook Too

Boys/Men Should Cook Too

If you are a parent, choosing to teach only your daughter(s) how to cook while neglecting your son(s), doesn’t in any way help your sons in life.

When they get to the school (university), the female ones cook for themselves while the male ones (not all but many) begin to look for whom to cook for them or spend the money you gave them in buying meals. Moreover, some innocently call in their female friends who however turn into school wives and he becomes a school husband, such that after eating, your son shall be more tempted to eat her and thus the continuous eating of two foods ; body and ….. continuously; we are all flesh and blood.

The same above goes with those of your sons who live alone after apprenticeship.

There’s more to this cohabitation spiritually but let’s move on and leave that for another day.

Some even after cooking for your son, take more foodstuffs for themselves if he has. Ohh, do you think that after cooking that they shall go empty handed, nooo! So, you keep sending money for foodstuffs in different disguise.

Meanwhile, if your sons marry, it wouldn’t be bad if they sometimes cook. Imagine how beautiful it would be if your son and her wife competes joyfully who cooks better for their children. Imagine the happiness that comes into the hearts of those children and imagine the happy memory being created in them.

For example, there was a time that we came back from our village in January very famished, only to see food already served by my dad because he knew how famished we would be, having left the village very early. Yes, my father came back from the village a day before us. This memory hasn’t left me.

So also, it would be so much helpful if your son’s wife comes back terribly tired from work, while your son who is very much early at home, cooks for his family, and not someone who is terribly tired cooking for someone who has been resting. By this, a balance is created naturally both in mind and body.

Parents, if it’s possible and I know that it’s possible, let all your children both male and female come to the kitchen with you turn by turn. You could decide to draw a roster, or in whatever way good for you. Sometimes, you could allow all of them to join you in preparing a soup by doing different things, depending on their number and so you correct them.

Madam, there are those who would hesitate because you never started earlier to do this, but gradually if you insist, they shall align.

Conclusively, some of these things said here weren’t done for me but some, however, I have seen it done for many children and I have seen the joy and togetherness it radiates in them and they reap the fruit now.

This is not to force you on how better to run your family and raise your children, however, as a child who grew up in a family with father and mother, and as a priest who had lived in a family, and who had encountered family issues as a counselor and as one who had engaged children and the youths so much; these suggestions are gathered from field experience.

(Yes, you are free to share with acknowledgement)

© Fada Henry Charles Umelechi , September 9, 2023.

Truth Series.

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