Everyone must not get married. It’s not a do-or-die-affair.

Everyone must not get married. It’s not a do-or-die-affair.

Man proposing to his girlfriend

This particularly concerns ladies and gentlemen. Yes, not particularly ladies. If you must get married, make up your mind that you have to live with and accommodate another person.

There is a difference when you are living like a single person and when you are married. The life of a married person is a life of two persons in one. You are positively in chains whether you like it or not. When you accept this , you become happy as a married person.

This means that when you get married, you drop certain responsibilities and acquire some, or even add more. This makes you not to go anywhere that you want to go, nor do anyhow that you usually do, nor actualize any thought that comes to your mind, nor wear whatever fashion you like, etc.

As a married person, you are like an institution carrying not only your identity but also that of the institution you represent. You are like a catholic priest that carries the identity of the Catholic Church always. Hence, you are carrying the identity or better put, the image of your wife or husband and/or child(ren) with you. Whatever you do, however you behave, affects them directly or indirectly.

This is one of the reasons why one who gets married must drop certain behaviors they had before, whether positive or negative and adopt new positive ones or build/improve on the ones they have had before.

Now some people always find it very difficult to accept this change of status that they don’t want the concomitant responsibility of the married but they want the married status. This is the genesis of their marital problems, and until they accept the responsibilities of being married, the problem continues.

They are always unhappy within but externally pretend to be.

Don’t force people to marry when they are not yet ready to accept the responsibilities of a married person, because you won’t be there to solve the problems when they begin, for you shall be minding your own responsibilities.

As you are persuading someone to get married, remind and persuade as the case maybe, such person also to accept the responsibilities of a married person.

Don’t be afraid to tell people that you are not yet ready for marriage because what they owe you after your marriage is congratulations if at all they shall give you that.

After the D-Day of your marriage, what about the eternity of marriage? After the reception, everyone shall leave you to your doom or glory depending on how you have accepted marriage responsibilities.

So, marriage shouldn’t be a do or die affair, especially when you are not ready.

It’s better to live a happy, stable and holy life as a single person that to die as a depressed, sad, saddist, evil, wretched person because you got married.

Share this message until it gets to the bachelors and spinsters; the youths.

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© Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi, 2024.

God bless you!

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