Father Ndị Mkpụrụ Mmiri

Father Ndị Mkpụrụ Mmiri na SK.


After the morning mass at the mass center located away from the parish, I drove crusingly and stopped at the particular spot where they stayed.

Normally, I used to greet them as I passed, but now I decided to stop and have a Tête-à-Tête with them.

I am talking about young men who sell and smoke substances that get one thinking that he is on the moon and could do everything.

We laughed and joked. I brought out 10 pieces of 100 naira notes and shared to those it could reach. They became so much excited but I pitied them. In mind, they are far above better than this. And I don’t know if I have sponsored another Ìgbó for the day.

However, I gave them the money for some of them to eat because they haven’t eaten with those red eyes. I want to gain their trust.

Ohhhh no! they have to stop this kind of life in one way or the other. That’s my objective anyway.

Moreover, I invited their leaders to my parish and they agreed to come.

That very Saturday, they came looking for me as we were working on our jaggered roads that looked like Nigeria, leading to our parish.

Actually, when they saw me, they took the shovel from me and started to work with us. They worked happily. However, I noticed that they don’t actually have such strength required of their youthfulness. What was the problem?

But, we proceeded to the parish for the discussion we slated to have.

We sat down, and the discussion started.

But, first I gave them 1k each(4 persons). But, they referred to the money as free but I objected that it’s for the help they offered because they would have chosen to wait till we finished the work or even go to come back later. So, that was for obliging to give more hands to our work.

Excitement overwhelmed them. “Soon I will be in charge of the whole area,” they said. I laughed in my mind; that’s what the biblical Jews thought that Jesus came to be: the earthly hosanna king.

Life is not about who rules, but how well it’s lived. So, Jesus came that they might have life in fullness.

The kpim of the discussion:

I asked them what happens if I find a better work for them. They said that they couldn’t help it, and that’s one major reason they sell those life-damaging substances.

For them, if I could find a better job for them, they shall stop selling and patronizing it because for them, everyone wants a better life.

Moreover, they said that they used to go for building works at building sites but that’s if they find any. But that work is very momentary.

I promised them to try my best the way I can.

I told them about the dangers of those substances. But, idle mind is more dangerous.

After some days, some called me to ask me about my well being and especially about the jobs.

I am seeing a glimpse of hope in these young people.

Some are victims of bad circumstances.

They need help, physically, psychologically, job wise and so financially.

I have been trying to figure out how to help get jobs for them and help them in other ways. Permanent jobs will be better in order to keep their minds focused.

Please, would you like to help out in anyway?

That includes sharing out this post to see if it can reach out to people that can help.

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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