Someone is alive today because he or she is not in marriage

Marriage: Someone is alive today because he or she didn’t marry. Someone is dead today because he or she got married.

Someone is alive today because two persons got married, yes. Someone is going to die because he or she will someday get married.

Don’t let anyone force you into a marriage that will kill you. Don’t get married to please your mom, dad, siblings, etc but don’t neglect all the pieces of advice from them.

Don’t get married to anybody because age is no longer on your side; for death may be on your side as soon as you get married.

The same people that cajoled you by gesture or by action shall be the same people, if they are alive, to attend your burial, but how many of them shall come to your rescue in your marital tribulations?

Everyone must not get married but everyone ought to be happy. Marriage doesn’t guarantee that happiness, but good marriage guarantees such happiness.

It’s not about getting married but staying married.

Many have asked me “will you marry me Father,” just because I cautioned them not to enter any marriage desperately. But, when the going starts getting too much rough and tough, they come to me to say, “Fr, it’s no longer about marriage but about staying alive.”

Where are now the children? Where is now the married status? These things are now irrelevant as far as he or she is alive.

Let no one deceive you on what marriage is not. Marriage is not to upgrade your status so that people shall leave you alone. Marriage is not just about “where is your child(ren)?”

Marriage is first of all about the company; being one, for it’s not good for a man(generic) to be alone. Children are the fruits and not merits, of being one.

Children can be adopted but having children are second to company, for having them without even their company when necessary, is a tragedy.

Marry someone that can freely give you company. Marry someone that you can freely give company. Free means donation.

Therefore, marry someone that you can donate yourself freely to. Now, I don’t mean you as a woman but you as, man or woman.

Marriage is an act of total mutual self-giving.

Written by Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi ,2024

Everyone must not get married. It’s not a do-or-die-affair.

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