The Hakimi-an Saga

The Hakimian Saga

The buzz from male folks because of the Hakimian saga shows an ongoing silent war, both imaginary and real against women, and between men and women, and the inherent trust lacking in marital life nowadays. This is the reality and not just a sentiment.

The worst is that those of them shouting , “Hakimi you are wise” without knowing the “Genesis to Revelation” of the whole saga betray the distrust they have been having about women. But this event has helped them to express them better. They now found foothold to maintain such distrust. Yet, their mums are wonderful women? It is those folks that may say, “your wife is not your family.”

These praised Hakimi’s mother, yet propose directly or indirectly that “your wife is not your family.” What a hypocrisy!!!

Is Hakimi’s mother not a wife to Hakimi’s father even now? Isn’t it such family that begot Achraf Hakimi? Is Hakimi’s mother not a family to Hakimi and his father?

According to an article by Dre Boam dated December 8, 2022, “Hakimi’s parents are the key factors of his successful career as a Moroccan footballer and PSG star.” Remember, it didn’t say the mother alone but parents meaning both father and mother.

Moreover, it was because of the survival of the family that “Mr. Hasan Hakimi, the biological father of the Paris Saint Germain right back, Achraf Hakimi and his wife Saida Mouh moved from Morocco to Spain for greener pastures. And that was where they gave birth to Achraf Hakimi.” So, it has been all about family, Father, Mother, and Children. Imagine if Hassan(Achraf’s father) had said and maintained that Saida(Achraf’s mother) is not his family?

In fact, to understand that Achraf Hakimi wouldn’t have succeeded without his family, a report from “Sports Brief” by Martin Moses on April 14, 2023 narrated that Hakimi’s father was overcome with joy seeing the rise of his son ,” and Hassan Hakimi will even tell you that the rise to stardom wasn’t easy. “Hakimi Senior has come out to express his joy and gratitude for how his son’s career has turned out after a difficult childhood.”

Meanwhile Achraf Hakimi himself “has in the past narrated how his mother cleaned houses while his father was a street vendor. Hassan (Hakimi’s Father) has explained how he used to wait for his son after taking him to the training sessions.”

Yet, someone out there says that your wife is not your family. Why not say that you find it difficult to trust, even yourself because you make poor decisions?

Others in a warlike manner especially male folks are indirectly rejoicing about a failed or failing marriage and they want it to be that Hakimi’s decision to “Will” all his properties to his mother was because of such divorce occurrances.

The question is: “at which point in time did Hakimi made such “Will?”

It’s certain that there is this bond of love Achraf Hakimi has with his mother. And so, Hakimi on the long run may not be on the same pedestal with you, Macho man!!!

And bet me, many of those who rejoice in this case would never make any “Will” to anyone including their mum at such prime and young life of affluence. Who would they trust? They just have trust issues.

May I even remind you that Mouh(Hakimi’s mom) has two grandchildren; both are the children of Hakimi and his long-time girlfriend, Hiba Abouk.

The worrisome thing is that many of those feeling very happy are either still single or in a turbulent relationships and thus, they are winning the tussles of their lives in another man’s marriage. Shame!!!

Otherwise, why are you rejoicing, feeling, or saying, that “we are still winning.” You and who? Who are the we? The male folks? Oga, OYO is your case.

But, can we now say that women are now things to be achieved like properties?

For those of us who are yet to marry, be careful that you don’t enter into marriage with these mindsets, otherwise, stay single. If you are not going to trust your would be wife, don’t marry her.

Don’t just jump into the middle of every sea that looks like yours to satisfy your anger or ego. That sea has a beginning and their lies the difference.


Fada Henry Charles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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