Homily, Friday 29th Week in the Ordinary Time, Year B(1) Memorial of Pope St. John Paul II(22/10/2021)

“Never Say Never” but “by the Grace of God.”

Romans 7:18-25,
Psalm 118:66,68,76-77,93-94
Luke 12:54-59

The readings of today portray a war between two cities, akin to the good and evil. But which shall prevail?

It is not easy to do the right thing let alone when it doesn’t favor us. But by God’s grace only can one overcome such natural selfishness. So, it’s about grace and human nature.

But St. John Paul II gave up himself to this grace.

In the first reading Romans 7:18-25, there’s a show of force between the good and evil as depicted in the life of apostle Paul. This is what actually happens in our lives.

In the Gospel Luke 12:54-59, Jesus made this war more explicit in his words when he describes the fact that people know too well how to read the signs of nature, but they fail to read correctly the signs surrounding Jesus’ preaching; the signs of grace, which are enough for the sincere ones to understand that now is the moment of grace announced by the prophets to be converted and be saved, and acknowledge the truth.

Actually, the accuser is the truth, which they must reconcile with before the Court (their conscience), unless it becomes too late because at last, the truth prevails.

The consequences is what all who rejected Christ in whatever ways shall suffer from this life to the next.

Nevertheless, in the words of Paul, thanks be to God through Jesus Christ Our Lord, he is able to do the right thing.

Child of God, many times, you can’t do the right thing even when you know it. You keep struggling and crying in your heart of doing the wrong thing like Paul.

Run fast to Jesus, by his grace, it will be possible.

Therefore, never say never that you can do it alone, nor give up, because it’s by cooperating with God’s grace like Paul  that you can make it.

Grace is to Nature what Oil is to Wheels.

Allow the oil of grace to smothen the clogged wheels of your nature.

Be like Pope St John Paul who like Paul gave up himself totally to God’s grace which is evident in his Papal motto: Totus Tuus (Totally Yours)

Ask Jesus in this Holy Mass to teach you through grace, his statutes, and stop struggling only naturally.

©Fr. Henry Charles N. Umelechi


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