Homily, Friday 2nd Week in the Ordinary Time, Memorial of St. Agnes, Year C

I Samuel 24:2-20
Psalm 57:2, 3-4,6 and 11
Mark 3:13-19

The choice we make in life affects the the course of our lives follow. This includes the choice we make spiritual when we include God in our decisions.

In the first reading 1 Samuel 24:2-20, Saul decides to kill David, and David ran for his life. David got the opportunity to end the life of the one who was threatening his own life and even amidst the pressure from his men, he left vengeance for God and spared Saul’s life.

In the Gospel Mark 3:13-19, Jesus decides to chose his Twelve disciples by standing on a higher position; on a mountain, a place of prayer, he called them up to that very place.

Child of God, David’s respect for the “anointed one” of the Lord was a decision he made out of his faith in the power of God to avenge his own people. And these are the things God remembers, for which He honours David; “a man after God’s own heart.”(I Samuel 13:14).

Look then at Jesus, what prevents him from doing the work alone and calling his disciples from a levelled ground? Nothing, by the way is he not God, he can do all things. But today, through the Twelve the Gospel has been disseminated universally. They had to stand with Jesus, in prayer and they did the work.

Our decisions in life have several effects on our lives both spiritually and physically.

When we decide to involve God in our lives’ decisions like David, we are standing on the mountain like Jesus and his disciples, for a better view. From thence, we make right decisions with the help of the Spirit of God to direct our choices in life.

The effect is always positive in the end, in eternity; heaven.

Agnes decided to choosese God and was filled with the love of God from an early age, vowed herself to celibacy, and when the opportunity of martyrdom arose, she did not hide away but stepped forward and took it.

Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series

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