Homily, Friday after Epiphany, January 7 2022

1 John 5:5—13
Psalm 147: 12-13,14-15,19-20(R. 12a)
Luke 5:12—16

Many of us see Christian faith as merely theoretical, and that’s why some of us find it difficult to practice their faith as Christians. That is, they find it difficult to make it a culture and live it out.

One thing that we must never forget is that Jesus Christ is man also. As man he lived like us and overcame the troubles that faced him,but not without the Spirit.

If we must believe in Jesus truly, then we must accept ourt worldly troubles and overcome them.

But if we must overcome, we must do so in the ways of Jesus in faith.

Yes, in the first reading 1 John 5:5—13, he who overcomes the world has faith in Jesus, the one who came by water,and blood.

The water points to the fact that Jesus was baptized like human, and so faced human problems also.

The Spirit was there to testify at Christ’s baptism and was there again to raise him up at his death.

The blood testifies that Jesus suffered and died for our victory and salvation. He lived it out.

To show our faith in Jesus, the three(the Water, the blood and the Spirit) must agree in our lives, just like in Jesus in order to overcome.

In our lives:

Through the water, we must receive baptism in Jesus.

Through the blood, we must bear witness with our lives by living out our faith especially in moments of trial and stand firm.

But, without the Spirit which is of God, our baptism is fruitless and we can’t stand firm to bear witness.

So, it is this faith founded in three witnesses of blood, water and spirit in the life of Jesus that restored a Leper in Gospel of Luke 5:12—16. With these three foundations, Jesus Christ worked and overcame.

Yes, through this faith founded on these witnesses in Jesus, the Leper overcame

Child of God, as believers in Christ Jesus, baptism is not enough, we need the blood(practical lives) and God indwelling Spirit in order to overcome the world just as our master Jesus did, and faith in whom the Leper was cured.

©Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi Ndubueze

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