Homily, Monday of the Thirty-Second Week of the Ordinary Time, Year A

Some Wisdom of the Christian Life

First reading: Wisdom 1:1-7
Psalm: 138:1-10
Gospel : Luke 17:1-6

Every life or pattern of life or culture has its laws or philosophy which is the wisdom that guides it. The Christian life also is a culture but a heavenly culture that has taken flesh in human culture inorder to uplift it to perfection and make the world a better place, and that’s why it’s difficult for many. For it to be possible, we must first of all love righteousness and seek God with sincerity (Wisdom 7:1) as in the first reading (Wisdom 1:1-7). This is the first step that sets the foundation of the three wisdom of Christian life set forth by Jesus in the gospel ( Luke 17:1-6). Therefore, if you seek perfection as a child of God, these wisdom guides ought to be observed:


1. Thou shall not lead others to sin (Matt 17:1-2)—There was an old man who was dying. Something was obviously worrying him. He told them at last what it was. ‘When I was a lad,’ he said, ‘I often played wild. At a particular crossroads, was an old rickety signpost. I remember one day twisting it round in its socket, thus altering the arms and making them point in the wrong direction; and I have been wondering ever since how many travellers I sent on the wrong road.’ How many travellers to perfection have you sent on a wrong road. God will not hold anyone guiltless, who, on the road of life, sends a younger or a weaker person on the wrong way.


2. Thou must forgive (Matt 17:3-4) – The Jewish Rabbis had a saying that if one forgives three times, one was perfect. However, the the Christian life doubles it and added more. It simply tells us that forgiveness must exceed that which the world could give. That’s the heavenly way, uncalculated forgiveness.


3. Thou must have faith (Matt 17: 5-6)– Faith is the greatest force in the world. That which looks impossible becomes possible, if approached with faith. And so is Christian life. Look at the material faith of scientific marvels,of the number of novel surgical operations, etc. Christianity is a life of positivity, a life that says, “it’s possible to do good.” And so, we must apply this to our spiritual life. Remember, we must approach no task alone but with God and all his power always.


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