Homily, Thursday First Week in the Ordinary Time, Year B

The result of “Abaracadabra” in God’s name

Many of us relate to God in a very magical way and this very attitude is highly detested by God because it makes God to be a tool to be used and not a person to have relationship with.

The Israelites misunderstood God because of how powerful they perceived God to be and thus forgot that their relationship with God is first. Instead of focusing on the relationship, they instead focused only on God’s power. This resulted into bringing God as represented by the ark into the battle field with the aim of using God’s power to win. The worst is that the ark was carried by the two very most wantonly sinful sons of priests who were defiling the things of God (1 Samuel 2:12-17). The result was the terrible annihilation of many Israelites in battle (1 Samuel 4:10-11).

In contrast, a leper who is considered unclean by meaning submits to “God with is us,” Jesus and said, ‘If you want to, you can cure me.’ He actually got God’s compassion and was cured (Mark 1:40-41).

Look at these two scenes, both contained unworthy persons at least in meaning. However, the first scene shows so much presumption, pride and doesn’t care what God actually wanted or willed. The second acknowledged unworthiness and sought out the mind of God, “if you are willing…”(Mark 1:40).

In this battle of life, many of us christians are like the Israelites who no longer care about their relationship with God. What they want are only material results instead of the main thing which is relationship with God and God’s will. And this is why they can do anything and visit any place in the name of God akin to magicians with wands of abracadabra and amoral merchants.

This also shows the way many of use sacramentals as magical wands or talisman or charms, without understanding that on the contrary, sacramentals like rosaries, medals, crucifix, etc call us into submission and relationship with God. For example, someone hangs the rosary in the car or on the neck in the name of protection without saying it and/or even does all sorts of immoral things. But God always surprises us in one way or another just to teach us the correct thing.

God’s wants a relationship in his will and not magic of miracles in our own will. Relationship with God supersedes every miracle and magic, and brings about true miracles in God’s will and true liberation. It brings about true progress and development.

Don’t always presume that you are anything too high before God, otherwise God shall humble you like the Israelites.

The result of Abaracadabra is true destruction of faith, mind, spirit and body.

©Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi, 2024.

Brought to you by Fr. Truth Series.

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