Homily, Tuesday 29th Week in the Ordinary Time, Year B(1)(19/10/2021)

Be Ready; Be Prepared: The Power of Grace.

Romans 5:12,15,17-21

Psalm 39:7-10,17

Luke 12:36-38

Whenever you hear the words: “be ready,” it sounds as if something is going to happen. It bespokes of an expectation. Such an expectation always requires a fulfilment.

However, without preparation, the fulfilment shall be a non desirable one. So, it requires energy and preparation.

What expectation?


Everyone must die someday either laughing or crying, happily or unhappily. Any of the above depends on how prepared one is.

So, the Gospel reading reading of today Luke 12:36-38 demands from Jesus’ words that we be prepared always with our lamps lit.

That lamp is our righteousness. But without God’s grace in this world, it is not easy to be righteous. A righteous person is prepared.

However, we can’t be prepared if we don’t have the required energy, the required grace. That energy is the grace. That grace comes from Jesus.

Sin dries, delays, and weakens this preparation.

The first reading Romans  5:12,15,17-21, is a demonstration of the necessity of the grace of Jesus which outweighs sin. Jesus came that we might have that grace.

The grace which outweighs sin is given freely without which it becomes difficult to get.

Child of God, unless you have  this grace, the master shall find you unprepared at death.

This grace prepares you by justifying you through your cooperation.

Again, the grace outweighs your weakness!!!

Why not then run to Jesus because it’s not by power not by might, but by the spirit, by grace.

It’s only then that you can proudly say: “Here I am Lord, I come do your will.”

You need grace to be prepared. His will here is that you be prepared.

©Fr. Henry Charles N. Umelechi

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