Homily, Wednesday 29th Week in the Ordinary Time, Year B(1)(20/10/2021)

People of Grace; So Much Grace

Romans 6:12-18
Psalm 123:1-8
Luke 12:39-48

How do you compare a person who has much and a person who has little. Surely, the comparison sounds awkward and unfair; the man who has much should be matched with a man who has much, while a person who has little should be matched with a person who has little.

The reason is simple: much shall be demanded from the former than from the later.

This is the same with us Christians; we have much grace at our disposal than any other person or people, because we live not by law but by grace.

The first reading Romans 6:12-18, exhorts and reminds us Christians of the level we are operating on; grace. if so, our actions should bespeak grace; our body should “transfire” grace, because we are the people of Grace who live by grace and we’re adopted by grace.

What do you use your body for? Do they fit into that grace?

Then, if we are people of Grace, the Gospel Luke 12:39-48 is right when it exhorts us to always be ready. Grace makes that possible by helping us place everything material in their right perspective.

So, neither wine, nor pleasure, nor hate of the neighbor shall make us be found wanting, thanks to grace.

No matter the troubles and negatives of this world, the grace is there aid us into victory.

Child of God, where does this grace come from?

The Psalmist says it all: our help is in the name of the Lord.

Yes, because our Lord knows that if we must obey, listen and follow, we shall need that grace. So it makes sense when Jesus says that the sheep that belong to me listen to my voice.

So, if we are people of Grace, and the grace comes from the Lord Jesus. Will it be wrong when He demands the account of such much grace.

©Fr. Henry Charles N. Umelechi

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