Homily, Wednesday of the 3rd week of Eastertide, Year C.

Acts 8:1-8
Psalm 65:1-7
John 6:35-40

The flesh will make you hungry where it satisfies you the most says Fulton Sheen. What is it that satisfies you?

In the Gospel John 6:35-40, Jesus says that He is the bread of life; he who comes to Him shall not hunger…This very assertion is very deep.

You may see the bread as referring to the Eucharist. However, there’s something that comes before; having Jesus in one’s personal life; making Him central.

This quenches many unhealthy worldly thirsts and makes one’s desires well ordered and directed socially, financially, psychologically, etc.

Have you seen a business man who is successful and contented at the same time, yet detached from his wealth. This is Jesus’ aim. Such a person is surrounded with awesome and intimidating serenity.

But, it goes beyond that, such that in moments of crisis, such a person remains operational and very functional like Philip in the first reading Acts 8:1-8, amidst even intense persecution.

In fact, the spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son gives more graces in troubling times for those who are in Christ Jesus, whether through miracles or otherwise. Be in the state of Grace.

In all, eternal life is theirs. What then would you say that they actually lost both in body and spirit.

It makes so much sense to say with St. Augustine that our souls are restless until they rest in God. What have you without Jesus.

It is to such a soul that receiving the Jesus in the Holy Eucharist makes so much sense in the words of Blessed Angela of Foligno that a soul about to receive Holy Communion should be pure, that it may be purified; alive, that it may be quickened; just, that it may be justified; ready, that it may be incorporated with God uncreated who was made man, and that it may be one with Him unto all eternity.

Why would such soul not cry out with Joy?

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

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