Homily, Tuesday after Epiphany, January 4 2022.

Nature of Love: Beyond Emotion to Action

1 John 4: 7—10
Psalm 72:1—2,3—4ab, 7—8(R. 11)
Mark 6: 34—44

Many of us are trapped in perceiving love as merely emotional. But love is really what moves us to the other person beyond the emotional.

But from whence comes love?

Love is not just human but divine. That’s why it’s selfless.

So, in the first reading 1 John 4: 7—10, John reminds us that the source is of God, then to us. To understand love, we have to see how God loves actively.

God’s love moves God to give His only Son as a sacrifice that takes away sins.

Child of God, true love is not just feelings but a decision that prompts us into action towards others; the other.

The Gospel Mark 6: 34—44, is a perfect example of this love. Love is manifested in Jesus. He gives up his rest to teach the people. He didn’t send them away but provides for them.

Love is active. Love moves him into miracles, so also loves brings forth miracles in the lives of those who practice her. Loves makes the impossible become possible.

Love is alive and green.

Yes, love leads us into action and into prayer for others just as Jesus prayed before the multiplication of the loaves such that petitions arise from the earth and prodigies descend from heaven.

If love becomes consistent, prayer becomes a culture and miracles becomes normal.

Child of God, this is the kind of love the Lord expects of us, a love that moves to sacrifice for others, not because they deserve it, but because we reflect God’s goodness to us and identify the divine in others.

If we are of God; of Christ, Love should be our Christian mode of operation.

©Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi Ndubueze

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