The Lord is with thee!!! Tuesday Homily, Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Year A

The Lord is with thee!!!


Is the Lord actually with us? Nothing makes sense anymore. We have disaster upon disaster around the world; Russia invaded and is fighting Ukraine and Coup d’etats are happening in African nations, yet someone who is angry or at least accepted the invasion as evil is planning to remotely or directly invade an African nation. Someone comes into a mall, cinema hall or in a crowded place and shoot people like circus and people of thought called it Moral evil. In Nigeria, evil is mostly a culture baptized as the good and the normal and the evil people are called the “Ụmụoma”—the good people. Where is God when all these evil happen?


What do the people of a faith call these? Can they actually say proudly that the Lord is with us? Has God not actually absconded from what he created? Is God actually interested in this world?


The Angel of God visited Gideon an Israelite when they were being persecuted and humiliated by other nations and insisted that the Lord is with him. Angel Gabriel visited Mary, a virgin to announce to her about her conception without conjugation and still said , “the Lord is with thee.” Both Mary and Gideon asked about the possibility of the message brought to them and in the end both believed and accepted to become instruments of God’s deliverance.


Evil becomes a burden when there’s no one to work with God; when there’s no one to do the right thing. God is always present but we are mostly absent because we are looking for what shall benefit “me” and not what shall benefit “us.” Gideon accepted to work with God for the good and salvation of others, Israel. Mary agreed to work with God for the good and salvation of humanity. The “us” here could be “you and the other persons” or humanity in general. All evil is tainted with the “I” syndrome. The “I” could you alone or a particular nation alone. A great deal of God in Jesus poured into Mary for agreeing to work with God. We can never see the hand of God in our midst until we become God’s instrument by faith and hard work.


The Lord is with us but are we with God consistently and this consistently being with God is why Mary’s Queenship is celebrated. Her trust in God and love of the other, Jesus, were more salvifically significant than her genetic connection to Jesus, though it made her the Mother of the universal king, Jesus.


May Mary intercede for us so that we may work with God by selflessness and achieve happiness in this life and after. Amen.


Yes you, you are to share.



Fada Henry Charles Umelechi


Truth Series.

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