Age or Value

My Age Belittles Me

Someone visited me on my hospital bed. He said to me, “during your birthday, how did you manage to announce publicly your age, are you not mindful that many shall begin to neglect you or belittle you?”

I said to myself, habbaaaaaaaa!!!.

I have actually visited him in his house, he has two dogs.

I reminded him of his two dogs and how he treats them both respectively: China and Guard.

I asked him the age of Guard and China, and he said:

Guard is “a year and something.”
China is 6 years old.

I asked him why he kicked China with disdain, and he said, ” mtcheww that Eke Uke dog, it has no value, just eating and defecating everywhere.”

I asked further, why didn’t you kick Guard your favorite dog and he replied, “you can confidently leave the house under the custody of Guard and it remains so.”

He went back to our discussion about age and I laughed so hard.

He asked me why I was laughing.

My Reply:

You feed both China and Guard. Yet, you respect and value Guard so much than China, but China is older than Guard.

People should respect you as a human being but more don’t respect you because of your age but because of the value you have.

Acquire value and you will acquire respect, acquire more value and you acquire more respect.

People respect “Value” more than “Age.”

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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