Public Attitude is Critical

Public Attitude is Critical

These days, people are now suffering from “Slappingytis.” The cure can’t be procured medically.

My brother, my sister, it’s not a virtue ooo; slapping people in the public demeans you the slapper, and depending on the reaction of the slappee, raises his or her public respect.

Your public behavior matters so much that it can ruin you or make you in minutes, hours, days, months or years to come.

Be aware that Time changes, but the public perception of your image acquired through your public attitude doesn’t change; the public rather builds on that which you have publicly shown.

Moreso, don’t provoke people intentionally and hoping they should keep calm.

Don’t treat people like debased humans and expecting them to react like “lofty” angels.

Yet, nobility of character matters so much.

*Please share and copy to your friends, it may be a cure.

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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