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To those of us singles who don’t know how to communicate better, don’t think that when you get married, you will do it better. Learn it now. A majority of marriage problems starts with bad or lack of communication. Don’t say it doesn’t matter now because you think you are not getting married sooner.

A bad or lack of communication could be misunderstood for lack of love, lack of sympathy, etc and may raise a lot of suspicion.

Therefore, learn the art of good communication now with your peers, besties and others as you embark on your daily social activities. Also, try to make it consistent such that it turns into a habit. I don’t think it may be easy but it’s possible if you work hard on it and pray about it (Luke 1:37).

Moreover, you may rely so much that God would give you your spouse or soulmate but remember that God wouldn’t be responsible for how you use your tongue.

Words are powerful and could weaken “a wicked or incensed nerves”, but negative impressions of words stick more on the mind such that there could be little or no impact when you shall be saying, “that’s not what I meant”, to your spouse.

(You are free to share with acknowledgement)

© Fada Henry Charles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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