Catholic Bishops of Plateau State Extends Compassionate Relief to Displaced Persons

In a display of unity and empathy, the Bishops of Plateau State, led by Most Rev Matthew Ishaya Audu of Jos, Most Rev Philip Davou Dung of Shendam, and Most Rev Michael G. Gokum of Mangu Diocese, made a heartfelt visit to over 3000 displaced households in Mangu Local Government Area (LGA). The purpose of the visit was to offer encouragement and solidarity to those affected by the current situation.


During the visit, the Bishops extended a compassionate hand by providing relief materials to the 100 most vulnerable households in the community. The relief items, comprising essential food supplies and non-food essentials, are a testament to the Bishops’ commitment to easing the burdens faced by those displaced.


The local community and beyond have expressed gratitude for the Bishops’ thoughtful gesture, which highlights the significance of support and togetherness during challenging times. The Bishops’ visit serves as a source of hope and inspiration for the displaced families, fostering a sense of unity and resilience.


As the Bishops’ benevolent actions ripple through the region, the hope is that their efforts, combined with the support of others, will contribute to the restoration of peace and normalcy in the lives of the affected families.

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