Miracle at Fátima? World Youth Day pilgrim receives her sight after Communion at Mass

By Charles Igwe

In a profound testimony of faith, Jimena, a 16-year-old Spanish World Youth Day pilgrim, shares her miraculous experience of regaining her sight after receiving the Eucharist at Fátima, Portugal, during a Mass there.


This remarkable account has stirred emotions and ignited hope among those who participated in the World Youth Day events, which united over a million young individuals in the Portuguese capital last week.


Hailing from Madrid, Jimena embarked on the pilgrimage to Lisbon as part of a group from Opus Dei. In the days leading up to the miraculous event, friends and family organized a novena, praying to Our Lady of the Snows, whose feast day coincided with August 5 – the very day Jimena’s sight was restored.


For two and a half years, Jimena had grappled with a severe loss of vision due to myopia, leaving her with a 95% visual impairment. On the morning of August 5, as Pope Francis led the rosary at the Fátima shrine, Jimena experienced what she can only describe as a “remarkable gift” from the Virgin Mary.


Jimena recounted her experience to the Spanish radio station COPE shortly after her miraculous recovery. She recalled waking up that morning, as she had for the past two and a half years, to a world of blurred and distorted images. Attending Mass with her companions during World Youth Day, she received Communion and became overwhelmed with emotion. She tearfully prayed for healing during the culmination of the novena, the last day of which was that very day.


Incredibly, when she opened her eyes after the prayer, Jimena’s vision was fully restored. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she expressed her amazement at seeing the altar, the tabernacle, and her friends clearly for the first time in years.


Adding to her awe, she shared that she could read the novena prayer she was reciting and could still read “quite well,” indicating that her ability to read had also been restored.


Filled with joy, Jimena expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the prayer group and deemed her journey “a test of faith.” Her profound experience reaffirmed her faith and left her with a powerful memory she will always cherish.


Cardinal Juan José Omella, the Archbishop of Barcelona and president of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference, characterized the incident as “a grace from God.” Speaking during the press conference that marked the conclusion of World Youth Day at Eduardo VII Park in Lisbon on August 6, Cardinal Omella underscored the profound impact of this possible miracle.


Jimena’s miraculous recovery stands as a testament to the power of faith and the enduring hope that accompanies World Youth Day. Her experience serves as an inspiration for the countless individuals who participated in this spiritually enriching event.

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