Peter Obi personally rescues students at Ugwunzu, Oji River


Obi Personally Rescues Students at Ugwunzu, Oji River

On our way to Anambra from Nsukka, we came across an accident scene at Ugwunzu, Oji River. Behold the concerned vehicle was conveying 12 girls students of Federal Government College, Ezzamgbo to various destinations in Anambra State.

As we came across the scene of the accident, Mr. Peter Obi who was earlier hurrying to meet up with a scheduled meeting in Anambra State requested the driver to stop, insisting it would be inhuman and bad fatherhood to see these children and pass-by.

After all is said and done, we ended up carrying those students and their luggage. “ Even if I do not attend the meeting of today because of these children, I will be satisfied and fulfilled”, Obi said.

One could see some of them already relaxing with relief in one of Obi’s vehicles.

Above as posted by Valentine Obienyem


After rescuing the students from the accident scene, in Enugu. His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, drove each of them to their respective destinations in Anambra State and personally handed each of them over to their parents, a mission that kept him busy till night.

Having cancelled his many engagements for the sake of the children, he maintained that they were his children too and their safety meant everything to him.

Obi remains a father, mentor and role model, a man who lives for humanity.

Life goes on!

If only our politicians shall decide to care for their people.

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