Pope Francis Encourages Youth: Embrace Life’s Crises for Growth and Compassion

By Charles Igwe

During a meeting with young people involved in Scholas Occurentes, an organization he personally established in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis delivered a powerful message about the importance of navigating through life’s difficulties. Scholas Occurentes was founded by Pope Francis while he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, aiming to foster dialogue and encounters in schools worldwide through culture, sports, and technology.


The Pope emphasized that Scholas guides young people towards meaningful life experiences, describing it as a dynamic journey marked by genuine respect for others. He emphasized that crises are a natural and healthy part of life, comparing a life without challenges to stagnant water with no purpose.


Francis stressed the significance of companionship and healthy relationships during tough times, encouraging young people to face their crises together. He playfully shared the biblical account of creation, underlining how chaos led to the cosmos, indicating that personal growth often emerges from life’s challenges.


Reflecting on the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Pope raised poignant questions about prioritizing ritual purity over human compassion. He challenged the youth to assess their actions and urged them to choose empathy over fear when helping those in need.

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Amidst the meaningful interactions, Pope Francis offered prayers and shared moments of joy with the young attendees. Later, he will participate in the official welcome ceremony for World Youth Day in Lisbon, a significant event expected to attract millions of participants, fostering unity and hope among the youth.

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