Pope Francis Expresses Solidarity with Morocco in the Wake of Earthquake

Pope Francis Expresses Solidarity with Morocco in the Wake of Earthquake

By Charles Igwe

Pope Francis extended his heartfelt solidarity to the people of Morocco following the devastating earthquake that struck the country recently. He offered his prayers for those affected by the tragedy and praised the rescue workers and organizations providing aid.

Morocco was hit by a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake, resulting in a tragic loss of life, with the death toll exceeding 2,500 and significant structural damage to buildings. Pope Francis had previously expressed his sympathy and offered prayers in response to this natural disaster.

During his customary Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis reiterated his support for the people of Morocco, stating, “I pray for the injured, for those who have lost their lives — so many! — and for their relatives. I thank the rescue workers and those who are working to alleviate the suffering of the people.”

He called for concrete assistance from all individuals and urged Catholics to stand in solidarity with the Moroccan people during this difficult time, emphasizing the need to “be close to the people of Morocco.”

The global Catholic charity group, Caritas Internationalis, also extended its condolences and support to the earthquake victims. They expressed their commitment to providing immediate relief and aid to those affected by this tragic event. Caritas Internationalis is working closely with Caritas Morocco and other Caritas members worldwide to coordinate a comprehensive response.

The charity group reaffirmed its mission to extend help to those in need and embody the message of love, compassion, and solidarity that Pope Francis represents.

In Morocco, rescue workers and emergency responders are tirelessly working to free survivors from the rubble left by the earthquake. The historic town of Marrakesh, a cultural and economic center, suffered extensive damage, with significant portions of the city reduced to ruins. This earthquake has become the deadliest in Morocco in several decades, leaving the nation in mourning and in need of support and assistance from the global community.

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