Pope Francis Urges Christians to Unite in Spreading the Gospel Message

By Charles Igwe

In a message conveyed through Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Pope Francis has encouraged Christians to come together to jointly share the teachings of the Gospel. The occasion for this call was the ongoing Synod of the Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches in northern Italy.

The Pope’s message began by expressing his joy in greeting the synod members and expressing his wish that the event would be a deeply meaningful encounter with Christ, fostering a sense of unity and communion among the participants.

Pope Francis offered his gratitude to God for the benefits achieved through ecumenical discussions and praised the harmonious collaboration among various Christian confessions.

He further expressed his aspiration to be spiritually present at the significant gathering, aiming to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation in presenting Jesus’ Gospel message.

The Pontiff concluded by extending his blessings to the synodal assembly and invoking divine blessings upon their work.

The Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches, established in 1975, amalgamates the Waldensian Evangelical Church and the Evangelical Methodist Church in Italy. Comprising around 50,000 members, including 45,000 Waldensians primarily in Italy, as well as in Argentina and Uruguay, and 5,000 Methodists, the Union serves as a unifying force among Christians.

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