Religious Sister: How the World Youth Day Influenced Her Choice of Vocation

By Charles Igwe


From the vibrant setting of World Youth Day in Lisbon, a sister from Iesu Communio (Communion in Jesus) unveiled her heartwarming vocation journey to ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner.

Her life-changing encounter with Jesus occurred at World Youth Day in Cologne back in 2005, when she was just 14 years old. The catalyst for her vocation was the profound impact of Pope Benedict XVI’s words, which resonated with her deeply. She described the Pope as a father figure in her spiritual journey.

During that transformative event, Benedict XVI spoke about the Eucharist as a ‘kiss’ and adoration as a prostration before Jesus, the embodiment of love. As a young girl seeking love, she recognized that the only one who could fully embrace and ‘kiss’ her soul to its depths was Jesus, who selflessly gave Himself up for her.


Her desire to surrender herself to this love was strengthened, and she felt Jesus speaking directly to her heart, assuring her that surrendering to Him wouldn’t diminish her dignity, but rather, it would make her a complete woman, a spouse, and a mother.

Although she didn’t know about Iesu Communio at the time, she experienced an overwhelming feeling of vocation. Eventually, she went to Madrid for her master’s degree, and when she encountered the sisters of Iesu Communio, she felt the undeniable confirmation that Jesus intended her to be a part of this specific community.

Iesu Communio is a contemplative women’s religious institute founded in 2010 in the Archdiocese of Burgos, Spain. The institute’s mission revolves around evangelizing young women and embracing the contemplative life.

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Following the success of the Claretian cloistered nuns of Lerma, Spain, who saw an influx of young vocations, Pope Benedict XVI granted oral notification, officially establishing Iesu Communio as a new women’s religious institute of pontifical right.

The sisters wholeheartedly embody the essence of being a prayerful presence, attuned to the ‘I thirst’ of the Bridegroom, dedicating their lives to the spiritual enrichment of those they serve. Through her inspiring vocation story, this Iesu Communio sister highlights the transformative power of faith and the profound impact that World Youth Day and Pope Benedict XVI’s words can have on young hearts searching for purpose and love.

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