Zimbabwean Bishops Advocate Peaceful and Nonviolent Elections Amid Voting

Zimbabwean Bishops Advocate Peaceful and Nonviolent Elections Amid Voting

By Charles Igwe


Zimbabweans head to the polls on August 23, 2023, for General elections, with a potential runoff slated for October 2 if no presidential candidate secures over 50% in the initial round.


In anticipation of the elections, Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro of the Gweru Catholic Diocese and Chairperson of Justice and Peace within the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference addressed the media in Harare. He released a pre-election statement urging for tranquility during this crucial period.


The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC) emphasizes, through its justice and peace advocacy, the importance of maintaining peace during the voting process. In the statement, Bishop Nyandoro passionately appealed to all citizens to exercise their voting rights peacefully. He stressed that voting is not only a responsibility to uphold the common welfare of the nation but also an opportunity for direct engagement in the nation’s governance.


“As the ZCBC, we view voting as an avenue for each individual to contribute positively to our beloved country’s development. Let us continue to embrace tolerance and respect as we move forward,” urged the Gweru prelate.

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