The Difference between the Leader and the Led in Nigeria

The Only Difference between the Leader and the Led in Nigeria is just Opportunity. Only Few are Different.

Give a common Nigerian opportunity to become a gateman, he turns the gate into a toll; he collects money from people seeking passage or entrance.

The same gateman complains that his Landlord is wicked and corrupt.

Give the same gateman opportunity to become a Landlord,he connives with a lawyer, serves a legal Quick Notice by impersonating the court, to the tenant who doesn’t bow to him but tells the truth and pays his rent; by intimidation.

Yet, the same Landlord complains that the ward chairman is corrupt.

Give the same opportunity to the same Landlord to become a ward chairman, he takes the fund meant for the ward into his personal treasury and complains that the ward treasury is empty and therefore, there’s no money to dispose the public waste.

Yet, the same ward chairman complains that the governor and the local government chairman is corrupt.

Give the ward chairman opportunity to become the local government chairman,he converts the local government fund into his village, umunna, and family constituency; every local government fund now belongs to his family, umunna or village people and friends.

The same local government chairman complains secretly about the governor’s corruption.

Give the same local government chairman the opportunity to become the governor, the state turns into his “settlement.” He settles his friends and colleagues with the various commissions and agencies of the state who in turn return favor by paying some generated revenue percentage into the governor’s personal account; the state is now sold and people begin to suffer.

Touts are now let loose because some percentages must be returned, and some amount go into their personal account because the commission is already sold.

And in as much as they submit the required amount, for example (60million per month to the state’s account and 20 million to the governor’s personal account) and then share the remaining 120 million per month; every other things and persons should go to hell.

Now the state burns, transporters suffer, traders cry, and customers are harassed and in some instances killed.

Yet, the same state governor silently expects the people to look at the presidency as the cause of the states’ problem and the presidency is corrupt.

The people then foolishly and gullibly leave out the state government to blame the presidency for the woes happening in their God-given but forsaken state.

Now, it’s time for election.

The same state governor who kept his state in darkness, vows through campaign to become a wonderful senator, house representative or president if given the opportunity.

The governor doles out millions of dollars and nairas stolen from the state and the same people, and inturn share the same to the same people; the same people rejoice and hail him. They now support him.

The people backs him up and shouts for him during campaign.

On the long run, they now expect a miracle from a man who once embezzled the state or constituency fund; an embodiment of corrupt practices to change the Nigerian hellish situation.

Yet, the same people in their Sunday prayers and services, pray for change and read from their Holy book thus: “By their fruits, you shall know them.” But, they decide to remain blind, without seeing that their fruits are in their(the leaders’) past records. They end up asking: does God still exist, does God still answer prayers while actually they have read the answer.

On Fridays, they read from their Holy Book: “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both.” Where then is the justice, where then is the witnessing?” Or is it now just to enthrone a corrupt person into leadership?

Is it not correct then to say that the only difference between the Leader and the Led is opportunity?

How do we remedy this ignominious situation?

Now, since we have decided to put up a blind eyes to the Nigerian situation, NIGERIA IS NOW HAPPENING TO US.

And Nigeria will continue happening to us until we decide to open our eyes.

We do; we complain.

©Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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