The Fate of Christianity in Nigeria and Good Governance

The Fate of Christianity in Nigerian and Good Governance

The day we shall have a GOOD GOVERNMENT in Nigeria shall be the fall of different Christian denominations and houses of prayers because:

Many of us only patronize these places either because they are jobless.

Many patronize these places because the need for a husband and not really because they want to marry but because they want to hang on to someone in order to survive.

Many of us want to run away from hardship in Nigeria because of the bad economic situation, so they go and pray for visa. If your country is better, what are you running away to do, when greener pastures surrounds you?

Many of us want God to heal their sickness because of lack of good hospitals and health insurances.

Many of us seek God in these places of worship because they want God to heal their sickness since they lack the money to go for proper medical check-up.

Many seek for God’s protection since the state cannot provide it.

Many seek God in these places of worship due to lack of education and so they can’t decifer their left from their right like a woman who asks God for a male or female child without understanding her basic reproductive cycle, and like a man who asks God to heal the womb of her wife from giving birth only to female child because he doesn’t understand that in the male sperm alone contains the power give a male child.

Also, like a woman who asks God to stop giving her another child since she has six already and couldn’t feed them. Why? Because she thought that she and her husband has no role to play in procreation. This is not fiction but experience. This is lack of education.

Many of us visit these places of worship because they think that it’s the devil that is operating in simple nature that they couldn’t understand which science has explored. Since they couldn’t go to school, how can they understand.

Many of us seek God’s intervention against natural animals because they don’t understand the behavior of animals. Here, the work of experts are needed but … government. Birds must make certain different noises, it’s not evil.

This doesn’t rule away the existence of evil/demon, but ignorance exegerates demonic operation.

Some acclaimed men/women of God feed on this irresponsibility of the government and the concomitant consequences.

The list can go on as you add yours.

But these are certain:

If the government braces up to her responsibilities, from the foregoing above-

Many prayer houses and places worship shall close.

Many men and women of God shall be rendered jobless.

Many acclaimed men and women of God shall sleep in the prisons.

Many acclaimed miracles shall be denounced with facts and real miracles shall come forth and stand tall and every effort to denounce them end up to their confirmation.

Real Men of God shall be made.

Christianity will be shaken but cannot be obliterated but solidified, and shall become more fruitful.

And VERY IMPORTANTLY, REAL CHRISTIANS WILL EMERGE. These are those who worship God in SPIRIT and TRUTH and in LOVE, and not only because of material gain.

These three SPIRIT, LOVE and TRUTH can never contradict each other. Otherwise, run!!!

Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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