The Man Peter Obi

Nyesom Wike talked down on Peter Obi, Kwankwaso is tired talking about Peter Obi, Atiku talks about Peter, Sowore talks about Peter Obi, and Tinubu talks about Peter Obi. All trying to play politics with his name in a bad light.

Reno Omokiri tries so hard to demarket Peter Obi and forgets about his principal and thereby making people to inquire so much about the personality of Peter Obi, to see for themselves.

These also explain partly the trending of PO’s name in the Google search engine. Yet, the mugus are not aware of that.

The result is that people are lunched into inquiry about Peter Obi. In the enquiry, you begin to see videos of the man Peter Obi talking and you can’t help but listen to him till he ends without even mentioning the name of anybody negatively and without name-calling.

The natural feeling you get irrespective of your tribe and religion is that you have seen a man who would save Nigeria based on his brand of politics —issue politics. You natural identify the solution to your own problems in what he says. You see your daily struggles and years of tears being solved summarily and practically; you see HOPE.

Consequently, you begin to campaign for your survival in the person you have seen hope.

In the end, both Sowore, Tinubu, Atiku and Reno have either demarketed themselves or his principal in the case of Reno.

When God told Pharoah through Moses to let His people go, Pharoah wanted to demarket Moses and God. In the end, Pharoah’s negative actions propelled the Israelites out of Egypt to their promised land.

Whoever fights a good cause cum and through good means, pro bono publico, fights on God’s side.

In the journey of life, just do your HOMEWORK diligently, PRAY and RELAX.

Come 2023, we shall reach our promised land!!!

Fr. Henrycharles Umelechi

Truth Series.

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