The Nigerian Born Israel Adesanya Enriched New Zealand, while Nigerians Rejoiced in Poverty.

By Richard Ubasinachi

When someone who is of Nigerian origin but of foreign nationality does well in his career, we rejoice and say they are making Nigeria proud.

Yes they are making Nigeria proud while making other countries great and rich.

The worst is when I see government authorities rejoicing and shinning teeth.

I’m not saying it’s not good to rejoice with them, but how about we leverage on their skill to enrich our economy.

Israel fought on Saturday night and made millions in dollars. He made Nigeria proud by winning the fight. But he made Newzealand great and rich by paying 40% in tax of that money to the government.

“But 9ja no dey carry last.” That’s what we got from it.

We don’t talk about the country where the fight took place. They must have made a lot from transportation from people coming in to watch the fight. From hospitality because people will have to lodge in order to watch the fight.

We have Nigerians fighting in different categories, from Boxing to kickboxing to MMA and the rest, but how many times have any of these fights been hosted in Nigeria ? Zero.

I’m not sure there is a single fighter from UAE, but Dubai gets to host fights and it in turn, boasts their economy through tourism.

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