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By Fr. Henry Charles Umelechi The Catholic Church doesn’t recognize the Anglican Ordination as valid because it’s not Apostolic; they have no apostolic succession. By Apostolic Succession, every Catholic Bishop is linked directly to an Apostle who was there with Jesus Christ at the last supper( Matthew 26:17–29; Mark 14:12–25; Luke 22:7–38; and I Corinthians 11:23–25), but that doesn’t apply to Anglican Bishops. Therefore Anglican Bishops don’t have power of ordination linked to Jesus Christ, in the “do this in memory of me (Luke 22:19).” ✓Lost Apostolic Succession… The Apostolic Succession of the Anglican church started being lost when King Henry VIII of England broke away from the One, Catholic, Holy and Apostolic Church; from the unity of faith in 1534. Within these periods, king Henry VIII saw himself as the Supreme Head of the Church of England and was appointing Bishops by himself without the ordination of Catholic Bishops…

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