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The Father is not the Son, The Son is not the Holy Spirit. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one

By Fada Henry Charles Umelechi There was one family with two sons and a Father. They never knew their mother. The Father was a perfect Creator of Arts and with help of the two sons he redeems these works of arts by selling them in the market. These works of arts became so precious that the family made fortune out of them and so they became very wealthy. One of the sons use to polish some of these works of arts before they are sold into the market and whenever someone needed to refurbish these works of the father, the works of art, he does it perfectly as the father would have wanted. Between the father and the two sons, were such a perfect harmony that the two sons does perfect all that the Father does and so, the family fortune crew geometrically. Later, one of the sons died and…

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