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Father, I want to be Pope He said, “Fr. I wish I am the Pope, his salary must be huge, I seriously want to be a priest and become the pope.” My Response: “When a ranking cardinal is elected to the Seat of Saint Peter as the Pope, he earns, in effect, a promotion—but with a reduction in pay to zero.” “You can’t be serious, must you people hide everything from us,” he said, “…like the Pope has no salary of his own akin to other heads of states and many religious leaders?” He continued, “as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby earns just over £85,000 a year.” I don’t even know whether he thought I was joking or lying but I took it as curiosity. And to answer this curiosity: “During the time of COVID-19, when the Vatican City encountered budgeting issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Holy See…

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