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SYNOD ON SYNODALITY 2023: SUMMARY OF THE SYNOD FINAL DOCUMENT The Vatican’s nearly month long *Synod on Synodality* assembly, convened by Pope Francis concluded this morning with members proposing concrete reforms among which include; a) Establishing new ministries for the laity for example it was proposed that the ministry of lector could become a true ministry of the *Word of God* which could include preaching. Secondly, a ministry for *married couples* that could assist married couples and those preparing for marriage was also proposed. b) The synod proposed increased *lay involvement in Church decision making*. c) The need to create processes to evaluate *bishop’s performance of their ministry*. d) The need to *expand the footprint of synodal assemblies* going forward. All Church leader at whatever level should create a *Spirit of Synodality* in how they manage Church apostolate and ministry which has never been a private affair. e) Women should…

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